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Custom Shade Sails Solutions

We design and build shade structures that transform your space into an asset to grow your organisation.

As a full design and construct company we take your project right from the initial concept through to it being open for use all day, every day. In close consultation with you and any other stakeholders and decision makers, we come up with a design that ticks every box – functionally, practically, and creatively.

For larger spaces like sports courts, bowling greens, car parks, and walkways, we have our custom Barrel Vault and Steel COLA style structures. With both Steel and PVC options available, these structures offer an entirely customised end result, with infinite design flexibility to cover any size and shape area.

For smaller spaces like eating areas and playgrounds, we have a range of custom star structures and shade sails, in both shade fabric and PVC. These offer 90-100% UV protection, with shadow mapping carried out to ensure the shade falls right where you need it. Available in an extensive range of colours, these structures are quick way to improve your space.

All-weather access to your space gives you greater flexibility in how the space is used, as well as guaranteeing scheduling without the worry of rain or excessive heat upsetting your plans.


Get Your Free Copy Of The Shade Inspiration Guide

Whether you're just starting to think about shade solutions, or you're ready to go now, this guide is essential.

Get Your FREE Shade Inspiration Guide

Whether you're just starting to think about shade solutions for your school, or you're ready to go now, this essential guide is a must.


Commercial Shade Structures For Every Space

Walkways - Sports Courts - Playgrounds - Eating Areas - Car Parks

  1. Government
  2. Sports and Recreation
  3. Education
  4. All Commercial

You know the potential of your space better than anyone else. Look outside and imagine people mingling, kids playing and a community forming around a space that’s purpose-built for them. All you have to do is describe it, and we can make it happen. Our team of world-class designers and builders will translate your inspiration into spaces where communities can grow.

To create the perfect playground shade cover for your school, we first complete a heat analysis to identify the high UV/heat spots and design targeted shade for these areas. Clearance and pole position are carefully considered to ensure you get the safest, most user-friendly shade solution.

We offer a wide variety of shade structures for any sports and recreation facility. From swimming pool shade structures to sports court shade covers, Greenline has a solution to your needs.

Depending on the type of structure you choose there is also very little maintenance. The PVC material we use on lots of our weatherproof structures is designed so that it washes in the rain. 

With Greenline shade structures you get maximum shade, the strongest materials and the longest life.


Whether it's a large COLA, outdoor sports court shade area, or a smaller playground shade sail, Greenline will always have a shade solution to suit your school's needs.

Our shade structures allow kids to play and learn without being exposed to harmful UV rays and provide a cooler, more enjoyable experience for both students and supervising staff.

Clearance and pole position are carefully considered to ensure you get the safest, most user-friendly shade solution.


No matter what area you need to shade, the Greenline team can design and build a custom structure to meet your needs. Our range of structures includes:

  • Commercial Shade Sails and One post 'Star Structures' for small - medium size areas
  • Cantilever style structures for small areas - also great for long walkways
  • PVC Barrel Vault structures for large clear spans - a great option for sports courts, bowling greens, swimming pools, and large outdoor eating areas.
  • Steel Structures for large areas - also a great option for sports courts and large eating areas.

We will consult with you and any other stakeholders to come up with a design that ticks every box. Our aim is to provide a finished structure that is practical, functional, and great looking.


Why Choose Greenline

  • We undertake projects by understanding our clients' needs to provide a customised solution as per the requirements.
  • 20+ Years of experience in the Industry.
  • At Greenline, we know what it takes to manage short lead times whilst providing the best shade solutions.
  • We have a streamlined process with an exemplary project management approach for minimising on-site disruption to customers.
  • We use high-grade materials to have your structure perform better over time with increased warranties and minimised maintenance.
  • We manage the entire scope of the project from design consultation to project delivery and look after council permits.

Greenline is 100% Australian owned

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions answered

How big does my shade structure need to be?

It depends on the size of your area and what portion needs to be shaded at what times of the day. Get in touch with a shade expert now to learn more about a shade structure that suits your unique requirements.

Are shade structures waterproof?

Yes, our PVC and metal shade structures are 100% waterproof. Shade fabric sails, however, will only block out UV and will still let water through.

How much wind can shade structures withstand?

This depends on several factors including how well the shade structures are designed and engineered, where the shade structure is located geographically, the steel sizes, footings, and more. Contact our project consultants if you are unsure which structure type would suit your space.

Do shade shelters block UV?

Yes, PVC shade shelters block 100% UV Rays and Shade cloth blocks over 80% UV Rays. Natural shade from trees is patchy and takes a long time to establish. When choosing your cover, remember that PVC and metal roof structures provide the best protection.

How much does it cost to cover a basketball court?

It can depend on a number of factors, firstly the size of your space (half-court, single court, double court), then also access to your court and risks like high wind, cyclones etc. To get a price estimate for your shade structure, please use our price estimator tool.

How long does it take to build a shade structure?

The time duration for building a shade structure depends on the complexity of the structure, the size of your area, weather conditions, material choices and sometimes approval timeframes for council permits etc. On average, for small projects, installation can take 2-3 days, and for large projects, it may take 3-6 weeks.

What are the different types of shade structures I can choose?

The first decision to make is what protection you want (just sun or all-weather). After that you can work with a shade consultant to decide on fabric (shade fabric, PVC, Steel). Common types of structures you can choose are COLA, Barrel Vault, Sails, Stars, Cantilevers, and Conic.  Click here to learn more about our shade structures.

Which structure provides the best protection from UV?

PVC and Metal shade structure provides the best protection from UV Rays; however, after 10/15 years, UV protection may decrease slightly.

Doesn't answer your question? Email us on info@greenline.com.au and we'll help you out.

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